Online Talk : Thurs 18 of November - 7 PM

World Philosophy Day - Can Philosophy Help Build a Better World?

As a UNESCO initiative, World Philosophy Day has been celebrated since 2005 and New Acropolis has been marking this occasion since its inception.

Philosophy is often considered to be an intellectual activity and not very practical. However, a basic training in philosophy used to be considered essential before embarking on further study in a whole range of subjects. Over thousands of years, philosophy has been the mother of all sciences and a key driving force in human progress.

This year we will be looking at how ‘philosophy in the classical tradition’ can actively contribute to finding solutions to our many crises, help us find more sustainable ways of living and develop the inner potential of the human being. The event will consist of five talks of about 20 minutes each, with a break after the third speaker. Topics covered will include philosophy as the art of living, learning how to think, inner development and transformation, the role of philosophy in promoting active citizenship and the universal laws and timeless principles of the perennial and hermetic philosophy.

Tickets for this talk are offered on a pay-what-you-can basis to help support our activities, please visit for further details, thank you!

Suggested amount for those who can is £8 (£5 cons)

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