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Short Course : Mon 13, Mon 20 of March - 7 PM

Women and Philosophy in History

The principles of both love (philo) and wisdom (sophia) have often been symbolised with a feminine form and philosophy itself has traditionally been portrayed as a goddess or a divine intercessor creating a bridge between the earthly realm of humanity and the heavenly realm of the gods. However, in recorded history we hear very little about women philosophers and their contributions have often been downplayed, misunderstood or obscured.

This short course will shed some light upon the lives, efforts and genius of particular female philosophers, their contributions to the development and preservation of ideas and society. We will also consider some archetypal themes around the feminine principle in association with philosophy and the great mystery of life.

This course will take place over two evenings and will consist of 4 sessions.

1st Evening - Monday 13th March
Part One: Roots of Philosophy - Ancient Greece and the role of women and female philosophers in antiquity, briefly looking at Aspasia of Miletus, Arignote, Theano of Crotona, Aesara of Luciana and Sosipatra.
Part Two: A Sacred Tradition - From Oracle teachings until the last philosopher of antiquity, Hypatia of Alexandria.

2nd Evening - Monday 20th March
Part One: Mystics and the Middle Ages - The illumination of philosophical thought after antiquity, looking at Hildegard von Bingen.
Part Two: Modernity - The women philosophers placing spirituality at the heart of modern thought, looking at Anne Conway, Iris Murdoch and others.

New Acropolis Uk is an educational charity and tickets for the full course are priced at £35 (£25 concession) and the price per evening is £20 (£15 concession), with all proceeds going to support our activities, thank you!

Location: 19 Compton Terrace N1 2UN, next door to Union Chapel.