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Workshop : Sat 15 of April - 11 AM

The Hero's Journey

The Hero’s Journey, a term first coined by the American thinker Joseph Campbell, refers to a golden thread that can be found behind all heroic stories and myths across different cultures and traditions. It is what Joseph Campbell termed a ‘mono-myth’. In the process of awakening consciousness there appear to be certain archetypal stages that reoccur again and again in the different experiences of our lives. 
This workshop will introduce the stages of this journey, as defined by Joseph Campbell, and will look at common hero’s journey symbols with examples from mythology. There will be the opportunity to connect with your own journey, and the symbols and themes in your own life. 
1. The hero’s journey - a map of the awakening consciousness
2. Symbols of the hero’s journey in various myths
3. The hero within - identifying the journey in everyday life 

Location: 19 Compton Terrace N1 2UN, next door to Union Chapel.