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Talk : Thurs 11 of August - 7 PM

The Path of Harmony - Confidence in Times of Conflict

Harmony has been one of the most important ideas throughout the history of philosophy, understood as an essential element of spiritual development.

For the individual, harmony helps us to unite our different drives, thoughts and interests. In the community harmony can help us to find a central point of orientation and the common-ground for healthy relationships. For philosophers, the practice of harmony has been a source of confidence, happiness and fulfilment throughout the ages. However, in times of conflict and disconnection, is a path of harmony truly possible? If so, how might this be?

This talk will look for the answers in the ancient traditions of East and West, particularly ancient China and Greece where the value of harmony was especially recognised and proven to be useful for individual and social flourishing. Etymologically, the Greek word “harmonia” means “concord of sounds”. The Chinese word “he” has a similar meaning which also ‘complements, reinforces and advances the way’. Hence, we find harmony understood not as something static, but as a dynamic and creative process that creates space and supports the healthy cultivation of relationships through which a diverse and prosperous civilisation can grow.

The ancient Roman historian Sallust observed: “Harmony makes small things grow. Lack of it makes big things decay.” It is essential to reconnect with the path of harmony today and find the confidence and inspiration for building the future.

Tickets for this talk are £8 (£5cons) with all proceeds going to support our activities. Purchase in advance is recommended.