Online Short Course : Tue 24, Tue 31 of August, Tue 7 of September - 7 PM

Conquering Crisis - The Hero’s Journey and other Life Lessons from the Myths of Greece and Rome

Over three evenings,this course will explore key life lessons concealed within three famous Hero mythologies: Troy, Odysseus and Aeneas.

The course will present an overview of each myth and highlight key ideas which can be applied to daily life.Usingtheframework of the HerosJourney, developed by American professorof literature specialising in comparative mythology, Joseph Campbell,we will explore these myths as valuable maps of our own consciousness. Whereby theheroic archetype becomes understood as a tool to help navigate our own inner growth and our potential for healthy and positive transformation, bothin ourselves and in service of others.

Mythology tells us that where you stumble, there your treasure is And where it seems most challenging lies the greatest invitation to find deeper and greater powers in ourselves - Joseph Campbell

Each evening will take the format of an online seminar via Zoom, starting at 7pm with presentations, discussion andopportunitiesfor questions. The course is designed as three successive evenings,but each evening can also be attended individually ifpreferred.

Evening One - Tues 24 Aug, 7pm
Myths of Troy: The Legacy of Heroes
Looking at the myths around Troy, we will consider aspects of the Heros Journey which involve facing crisis and embracing change. Asking what is the symbolic meaning of Troy and the reasons why the Hero fights.

Evening Two - Tues 31 Aug, 7pm
Myth of Odysseus: The Odyssey of Everyday Life
Using Homers myth of the Greek King and Trojan Hero Odysseus, we will discuss the lessons that the Hero must learn in the adventure and how this insight can be understood and applied in our own lives.

Evening Three - Tues 7 Sept, 7pm
Myth of Aeneas: Answering the Call
A Prince of Troy but most famously associated with the the foundation of Rome, the myth of Aeneas depicts the Heros struggle to answer the call of destiny. We will look at the inner difficulties faced when building something new and consider what wisdom is required to stay the course.


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