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Talk : Tues 27 of September - 7 PM

The Repression of the Sublime

Why would we repress within ourselves higher values, aesthetic talents, noble aspirations or spiritual intuitions? And yet, the ‘repression of the sublime’ is a common phenomenon in Western civilization, which was first formulated by the French psychotherapist Robert Desoille.

The Victorians found sexuality hugely embarrassing and, as a result, sexuality was very often repressed. In our society and perhaps individually, we may observe similar embarrassments around our spiritual beliefs, our sense of values and our search for meaning.

This talk will present a philosophical and psychological view of the 'repression of the sublime' and the importance of understanding spirituality as an integral part of our human nature. In addition, the talk will look at the ‘dis-enchantment of our universe’ as a feature of modern society at large and how this view has led to the mistreatment of the natural world.

New Acropolis is a registered UK charity and tickets for the talk are offered at £8 (£5 cons) with all proceeds going towards supporting our activities, thank you!