Talk : Fri 22 of April - 7 PM

Earth Day 2022 – Viktor Schauberger and the Living Energies of Water

At the centre of civilised life, our systems of hygiene, transport and agriculture, water clearly plays an essential role in our daily lives. Artists, philosophers, spiritual seekers and healers have always naturally turned to water, considering its aesthetic qualities and properties of renewal. Could there be more to this element than we commonly understand today?

Viktor Schauberger was an Austrian forester who, through his observations of the rivers, lakes and waterfalls of the area in which he lived, made some extraordinary discoveries about the nature of water. From his direct observations of the natural world, he discovered that water is a living and self-regulating substance governed by vortical forces of movement. He applied his knowledge to many practical inventions, including research into new forms of energy, but the society of his time was reluctant to take up his revolutionary ideas.

This talk will describe some of his experiences and conclusions about water, and enrich our understanding of this life-giving and sacred element.

Tickets are priced £8 (£5 cons) and all proceeds go towards helping to support our activities, thank you!