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Talk : Wed 19 of October - 7 PM

Destiny, Fate and Free Will

The concepts of Destiny and Fate have been addressed by philosophers of East and West since time immemorial. In India, they are related to the ideas of Dharma and Karma. In the West, the focus is often on the apparently tragic conflict between predestination and free will, as in the Greek myth of Oedipus, or on the concept of heroic destiny and the destiny of nations.  

So the question arises: do we, as human beings, have a destiny? And if so, how can we discover it and live it? Alternatively, we could ask: do we have a fate and, if so, can we escape it or modify it? And what of Free Will? If destiny and fate exist, is there any place for free will? These are questions that are relevant not only to the individual, but also to humanity at the different moments of its history.

The talk will draw upon the philosophies of India and the mythology of ancient Greece to shed some light on these mysteries of time and the human soul.

New Acropolis is a registered UK charity and tickets for the talk are offered at £8 (£5 cons) with all proceeds going towards supporting our activities, thank you!