New Acropolis Volunteering

Philosophy also has a practical aim: to provide human beings with valid tools to meet the individual and collective challenges of today and to create a better world for the next generation. Volunteering forms part of our philosophical training and we actively encourage people to take up their civic responsibility and to become involved in a community project.

We all want to be useful and be able to help. Our training programmes for volunteers aim to equip individuals with the necessary skills and know-how to play an active role in society and to prepare them for emergency situations.

Our own volunteering projects include helping with planting and maintenance in Compton Terrace Gardens, creation of a Bee Sanctuary, litter picks, fairy tale performances for children, ecological awareness campaigns and support for the Margins Homelessness Project. Our school of philosophy itself offers many opportunities as it is run entirely by volunteers. We also promote the idea of working together with other associations and individuals for the benefit of society.

Volunteering for the sake of others can bring about profound changes not only within society, but also in the hearts and minds of those who practise it.