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Short Course : Thu 6, Thu 13, Thu 20 of February - 7 PM

Short course: An Introduction to Astrology and its Practice

This 3-week beginners course will introduce you to the basic language and building blocks of astrology. We will try to answer questions such as: what is astrology for? and what is a birth chart? We will look at various approaches to birth chart interpretation and try to unlock the spiritual and transformative potential found in astrological symbolism.

Course outline
First evening: Thurs, 6th Feb : What is astrology for? Erecting a birth chart. The main elements of the astrological language.
Second evening: Thurs, 13th Feb : The use and application of astrological data. The various methods of astrological interpretation.
Third evening: Thurs, 20th Feb : How do we go about interpreting a birth chart? The astrology of transformation: a spiritual approach to chart interpretation.