Introductory Course : Thurs 30 of September, Wed 13, Tues 26 of October - 7 PM

Philosophies of East & West 16-week Course

This 16-week course will introduce you to the major concepts of Eastern and Western Philosophy..

Philosophy means love of wisdom (philo-sophia) and is an active attitude of awareness towards life. In this sense, we are all born philosophers, with an innate need to ask questions and with the intuition that there are answers to be found. Every civilisation has passed on to us its experience and understanding of life. However, most of us have had little opportunity to learn about the vast heritage of ideas that have inspired and guided humanity throughout history.

In a change to our leaflet, the first evening will not be on Zoom but it will be held at our premises in Islington. This first evening is free to attend and gives the opportunity to see if the course is what you are looking for. There will be two full classes with a break in the middle and a chance for refreshments.

Tickets & Fees Price for the whole course £190 (£130 concessions), handouts included. For those wanting to enrol on the full course, payment can either be in advance or after the introductory evening. Attendance will be restricted to 12 people on a first-come, first-served basis.

Course Content Topics are arranged under three chapters: Ethics, Sociopolitics and Philosophy of History.

Ethics - Understanding yourself Ethics enquires about moral principles and the impact of individuals on their environment. It is also related to happiness, as it helps us to find the right inner attitude to deal with different life situations in ways that are beneficial to ourselves and others. (Major concepts of the philosophies of India, Tibet, Ancient Egypt and Neoplatonism)

Sociopolitics - Living together in harmony with others Sociopolitics looks at relationships in society, both between individuals and between the individual and the group. It is concerned with finding principles by which we can create harmonious communities where everyone can flourish. (Major concepts of the philosophies of Confucius, Plato and the Stoics)

Philosophy of History - Being part of something greater We are all products of history and at the same time we all contribute to making history. Philosophy of History seeks wisdom in the study of the past and how to apply lessons of history to the present. (Introduction to Philosophy of History, Microcosm and Macrocosm, The cosmovision of traditional societies)

Start Dates Thursday 30 September, 7pm Wednesday 13 October, 7pm Tuesday 26 October, 7pm

Reserve the first evening for FREE