New Acropolis Culture

Culture is education in the widest sense of the word. It is only through culture that human beings can unfold their human-ness. Through the education provided by culture we learn in a few years of our lives what it took humanity thousands of years to learn. In this way, culture has the power to accelerate our evolution.

It is often said that the purpose of education is to ‘draw out’ (Latin: educare) the inner potential. Without culture and education we could not develop this potential.

Culture transmits values and provides us with forms through which we can express these values. Cultural traditions and celebrations enable us to transcend the secular and enter into contact with the sacred. Many traditions also remind us of the annual cycle of nature and help us to re-connect with nature in a profound way.

In New Acropolis we explore various arts, crafts and traditions, visit sites of cultural and historical interest in Britain and abroad, and try to bring people into closer contact with nature.