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Introductory Course: Wed 28th January, Mon 16th February and Tue 3rd March at 7 pm
Get Inspired
Discover Philosophy
How can we face the problems of life but not be overcome by them?How can we transform individual action into collective power? How can we learn from history to see the bigger picture? Get inspired by the great philosophical ideas ... more
Talk: Wed 21st January at 7:30 pm
The aim of this talk is to give us a wider, deeper and more philosophical understanding of our love matters and relationships, and the kind of people we attract into our love life. The whole idea of men are from ... more
Short Course: Fri 30th January at 7 pm
Best Friend or Worst Enemy?
This short course (3 Friday evenings) will explore the mind and mind-related topics such as consciousness, imagination, creativity and meditation. It will also look at collective mindsets and paradigm shifts throughout history. Each evening will consist of both theory and ... more
Talk: Fri 27th February at 7:30 pm
One of Plato’s most important dialogues is his Phaedo, in which Socrates discusses the immortality of the soul before he drinks the executioner’s cup of hemlock. Woven into the dialogue are references to the myth of Theseus and the minotaur: ... more