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Talk: Thu 23rd April at 7:30 pm
The word ‘homeopathy’ means ‘similar suffering’ in Greek. This is because its founder, Samuel Hahnemann, discovered that when a substance is given to a healthy person, it creates the very illness it can cure in a sick person. This is ... more
Seminar: Tue 19th May at 7 pm
Martin Buber and the I-Thou concept
Knowing where you're going and respecting where you are
This 2-hour seminar-workshop examines the apparent incompatibility between Buber’s I-Thou concept and our need to “know where we’re going”. Buber opened up a new vision of the potential of human relating with his iconic book I and Thou and ... more
Talk: Mon 8th June at 7:30 pm
The terms “Soul” and “Spirit” are often seen as interchangeable, but in fact their meaning is quite different. Spirit can only be accessed through the medium of the Soul, and therefore we need to give more importance to ‘soulful’ activities ... more