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Introductory Course: Mon 22nd February and Wed 2nd March at 7 pm
Transform yourself... Everything we do is informed by the way we think. But what is the value of thinking without action? Action is the real measure of what we are.

For thousands of years, philosophy has taught both how ... more
Short Course: Mon 15th February at 7 pm
This short course (3 Monday evenings) will explore the mind and mind-related topics such as consciousness, imagination, creativity and meditation. It will also look at collective mindsets and paradigm shifts throughout history. Each evening will consist of both theory ... more
Workshop: Sat 27th February at 10:45 am to
Workshop - The Palinode of Socrates
A one-day workshop on the central speech of Socrates in the Phaedrus
"Where are you going, my dear Phaedrus, and have you come from?" With these words Plato opens a dialogue which might be called his manifesto of philosophy: it draws the reader into a consideration of the fundamental questions of human ... more
Talk: Thu 17th March at 7:30 pm
A Lost Civilisation
Myth or Reality?
Many ancient sites remain mysteries to our modern historians and archaeologists, even if they have a hard time admitting it. Looking at them from an engineering point of view, some of these sites are technological marvels. They are living ... more