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Talk: Mon 13th July at 7 pm
Online Talk: Philosophy of Play
- why we shouldnt stop playing
What is play? Most often the idea of play is something that adults reserve for the child’s world. As adults, we have responsibilities of work and associated money issues, running our homes and performing daily chores, reading the news and ... more
Workshop: Fri 24th and Sat 25th July
Dante’s Divine Comedy
an Allegory of the Soul’s Journey
Dante’s Divine Comedy is not only considered to be one of the greatest works of world literature, it is also a timeless description of the ascending path of the Soul, full of psychological insight. This workshop will give you ... more
Talk: Wed 5th August at 7 pm
Over the past 200 years, since the beginning of the Industrial age, humanity has been relying more and more on the progress of science and new technologies for providing us with better health, wealth and comfort. But with technological ... more
Talk: Thu 20th August at 7 pm
Many of us will certainly be familiar with the legacy of Rome and the Roman Empire: from great feats of engineering and military conquests to its political structures and arts. However, all of these represent only the material attributes ... more