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Upcoming Events
Talk: Mon 8th June at 7:30 pm
The terms “Soul” and “Spirit” are often seen as interchangeable, but in fact their meaning is quite different. Spirit can only be accessed through the medium of the Soul, and therefore we need to give more importance to ‘soulful’ activities ... more
Cultural Event: Sat 13th and Sun 14th June at 10 am
For the third year, our Melissa Garden Bee Sanctuary will take part in the Open Garden Squares Weekend. The garden will be open from 10 am to 5 pm and there will be cakes and teas available to enjoy while ... more
Talk: Wed 17th June at 7:30 pm
Looking at different cultures such as Ancient Egypt, Greece, the Middle Ages, Islam, the Renaissance, etc. we can see how philosophy is reflected through architecture and its associated landscapes. Apart from paying attention to the use of the garden, the ... more
Talk: Thu 25th June at 7:30 pm
Does ancient Egypt still have a message for our time? This talk invites you to discover the spirit of Egypt through its symbols, myths and mysteries in order to understand the timeless importance of the symbolic dimension. For thousands of ... more