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Talk: Wed 8th June at 7:30 pm
Many people think the Egyptians had no philosophy, only religion and magic. However, a deep study of their culture reveals an underlying philosophy behind everything they did. Their world view was one of unity in multiplicity, in which all things ... more
Workshop: Thu 16th June at 7 pm to
Body percussion
a mini workshop
Explore the world of rhythm and use your body to express it. Feel how the rhythm pulsates between the participants and enjoy communicating with others through rhythm. No previous experience required, just come and have fun and learn how to ... more
Cultural Event: Sat 18th and Sun 19th June at 10 am
For the forth year, our Melissa Garden Bee Sanctuary will take part in the Open Garden Squares Weekend. The garden will be open from 10 am to 5 pm and there will be cakes and teas available to enjoy while ... more
Talk: Mon 18th July at 7:30 pm
Happiness has naturally been a common theme for philosophers throughout the ages, as it is a constant concern for human beings. Looking back and exploring what wise people of the past have written about this topic can enlighten on us ... more