New Acropolis Events

Short Course
at 7pm
Short course: Explore the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

The civilisation of ancient Egypt is a continuing enigma – from its hieroglyphs to its gigantic pyramids and temples. What was the mentality behind it, how were the pyramids built and what knowledge did the ancient Egyptians have of the laws of life in this world and the next? This short course, covering four topics over two evenings, will attempt to suggest some answers.

First evening, Mon, 20th Jan
Gods of Egypt

The first part of this seminar will give a general introduction to the religion of ancient Egypt and explore the symbolic meanings of some of its gods and goddesses, including Isis, Osiris and the Sun God Ra.

The Book of the Dead

In the second part, we will look at the rich symbolism of the Book of Emerging Forth into the Light, more commonly known as the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Can it give us some guidance on the art of living, as well as some clues about the nature of the afterlife?

Second evening, Mon, 27th Jan

The pyramids in general and the Great Pyramid in particular have been a source of continuing fascination to scholars, archaeologists and scientists. The first part of this evening will examine and try to understand these great wonders of antiquity and how they were built.

Symbolism of Temples

In the second part of this seminar, we will look at the typical elements that constitute an Egyptian temple complex, which had a defined symbolism and certain specific functions. One of the main objectives of the awe-inspiring temple architecture of ancient Egypt was to create a bridge between human beings and Gods.