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Short Course
at 7pm
The Power of Myth II: 4-week course

Over thousands of years, myths have helped human beings to understand aspects of life that the rational mind finds difficult to grasp (love, death, mystery...). Great philosophers like Plato have used myths and fables to explain their key concepts. Still today, we find the archetypal patterns of myth in books like Lord of the Rings or films like Star Wars.
This 4-week course (4 evenings over a month) will introduce you to the archetypal structure of mythology and its important role in promoting our spiritual and psychological well-being.

Topics of the 4 evenings

  1. Myths, Symbols and Rituals as means of access to the Sacred and as tools for understanding and facing the trials of life.
  2. The Kalevala (meaning Land of Heroes) is a Finnish national epic compiled from ancient oral sources and a rich source for gaining a deeper understanding of religion, magic and shamanism.
    This section of the course will seek to draw parallels between the myths and symbols of the Kalevala and other traditions, and unravel their meanings and significance for our lives today.
  3. ‘Lógos’: The Myth Beyond the Language. A performance by The Temple London Theatre Company, adapted from Norse and Greek mythology. According to legend, the mistresses of destiny can unveil the past, the present and the future of the world. The humans can’t comprehend all their secrets until someone interprets them. There will be an introduction to the mythological material presented and a discussion afterwards.
  4. The Epic of Gilgamesh is considered to be the oldest story in the world, dating back as far as four thousand years. This talk aims to explore the myth from a philosophical perspective, dealing with topics such as the duality in human nature, the quest for immortality and the call to adventure.