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Introductory Course
Mon 29th October at 7pm
Discover Philosophy
Philosophies of East and West

Philosophy means love of wisdom (philo-sophia) and is an active attitude of awareness towards life. In this sense, we are all born philosophers, with an innate need to ask questions and with the intuition that there are answers to be found. And yet, most of us have little knowledge of philosophy. We have never had the chance to learn about the vast heritage of ideas that have sustained, inspired and guided humanity throughout history.

This 16-week course will introduce you to the major systems of thought of East and West. They are arranged under three subject headings: Ethics, Sociopolitics and Philosophy of History.

Course Content

Understanding yourself
Introduction to Ethics. Major concepts of the philosophies of India, Tibet, Ancient Egypt and Neoplatonism

Living together in harmony with others
Introduction to Sociopolitics
Major concepts of the philosophies of Confucius, Plato and the Stoics

Being part of something greater
Introduction to Philosophy of History
Microcosm and Macrocosm
The cosmovision of traditional societies

First introductory evening FREE. Price for the whole course £190 (£130 concessions), handouts included.
Short Course
Mon 22nd October at 7pm
Mind: Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

Our mind has a much bigger impact on our life than we usually realize. Knowing how our mind works allows us to take responsibility for our lives and to become creators rather than remain victims.

This short course (3 consecutive Monday evenings, starting on 8th October) will explore the mind and mind-related topics such as consciousness, imagination, creativity and meditation. It will also look at collective mindsets and paradigm shifts throughout history. Each evening is led by a different speaker and will consist of both theory and practical exercises.

Topics of the 3 evenings

  1. How our mind creates our experience of reality. Mindsets: what they are and how they work. Learning to see things differently. The importance of distinguishing between “two realities”.
  2. Consciousness and self-awareness. The stages of inner awakening according to Tibetan Buddhism. Meditation and its different interpretations and practices. Achieving a state of relaxed concentration.
  3. Develop your innate creativity. Creativity and different modes of thinking. IQ vs creativity. Imagination and the ability to create what does not yet exist. What can help us to become more creative.
Tue 23rd October at 7pm
The Spirit of Rome and its Sacred Foundations
Many of us will be familiar in some way with the legacy of Rome and the Roman Empire: from great feats of engineering and military conquests to its political structures and arts. However, all of these represent only the materialistic attributes of the civilisation. The aim of this talk is to show that the greatness that was Rome rested in many ways on esoteric and sacred-magical foundations. We will explore the notion that it was these foundations which enabled the spirit of a true civilisation to come into being.
Tuesday, 23rd October at 7:00PM
Thu 15th November at 7pm
Celebrating the Centenary of the End of WWI
Can we find wisdom in the study of history?

The 11th of November 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I - one of the most terrible wars in the history of Europe and supposedly the “war to end all wars”. We will mark this important event in combination with World Philosophy Day by exploring in context the end of the ‘Great War’ and the link between history and philosophy. Cicero’s dictum “History as life’s teacher” conveys the idea that the study of the past should serve as a lesson for the future. However, history also shows that humanity often seems to fail to learn lessons from the past.

What is the most useful way to reflect on historical events? If we define philosophy as the search for wisdom and apply philosophical enquiry to the field of history, can we discern some wisdom from its study?

This evening will consist of various short presentations by different speakers on the subjects of WWI and the philosophy of history. There will be buffet-style refreshments provided both during the break and after the event with time for philosophical conversation.

Please see our website closer to the date for more details.

Thursday, 15th November at 7:00PM