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Past Events
Introductory Course
Tue 31st October at 7pm
Philosophy for the Future
Philosophies of East and West
To prepare ourselves and the next generation for a rapidly changing world we need to be more grounded than ever in the timeless values and principles that have provided a stable point of reference in the past.

Many of the problems we are facing today will not be solved by more money or technology. Most solutions to our current challenges will require a change in our actions, which can only be sustainable if brought about by an inner change. How can we bring about this inner change? If our actions are a result of our thoughts, then we need to change the way we think about many things.

Philosophy has for thousands of years been a valid path to explore our thinking, to search for the underlying principles of life, to put them into practice and to develop our inner potential. Philosophy as a way of life is not only an intellectual enterprise but an education for the head, the heart and the hands.

Course Content

Understanding yourself
Introduction to Ethics. Major concepts of the philosophies of India, Tibet, Ancient Egypt and Neoplatonism

Living together in harmony with others
Introduction to Sociopolitics
Major concepts of the philosophies of Confucius, Plato and the Stoics

Being part of something greater
Introduction to Philosophy of History
Microcosm and Macrocosm
The cosmovision of traditional societies

First introductory evening FREE. Price for the whole course £160 (£120 concessions), handouts included.
Short Course
Tue 17th and Tue 24th October at 7pm
3-week course: Mind: Best Friend or Worst Enemy?
Our mind has a much bigger impact on our life than we usually realize. Knowing how our mind works allows us to take responsibility for our life and to become creators rather than remain victims.

This short course (3 consecutive Tuesday evenings, starting on 10th Oct) will explore the mind and mind-related topics such as consciousness, imagination, creativity and meditation. It will also look at collective mindsets and paradigm shifts throughout history. Each evening is led by a different speaker and will consist of both theory and practical exercises.

First Evening (Tues 10 Oct) How our mind creates our experience of reality Mindsets: what they are and how they work. Learning to see things differently. The importance of distinguishing between two realities.

Second Evening (Tues 17 Oct) Consciousness and self-awareness The stages of inner awakening according to Tibetan Buddhism. Meditation and its different interpretations and practices. Achieving a state of relaxed concentration.

Third Evening (Tues 24 Oct) Develop your innate creativity Creativity and different modes of thinking. IQ vs creativity. Imagination and the ability to create what does not yet exist. What can help us to become more creative.
Wed 25th October at 7pm
A Philosophical Perspective on the Microbiome, by Elizabeth Adalian
The Microbiome - the entire collection of microorganisms in a specific niche, such as the human gut - is a hot topic these days, but the importance of microorganisms in our body to overall health has been recognised for thousands of years. In this talk, homeopath Elizabeth Adalian will introduce the role of homeopathic remedies to enhance the microbiome and trace its path from early life in the womb and through the ancestry. The link with the brain will also be discussed, with a focus on the vagus nerve (formerly known as the cranial nerve).
This talk will be presented against the backdrop of a philosophical approach.
Wednesday, 25th October at 7:00PM
Mon 13th November at 7pm
Celebrating World Philosophy Day:
Philosophy in the Arts
"Philosophy is inherent in all human activity."
If this statement is true, then the arts can also be seen as an expression of our thinking and as a quest for the universal archetypes that govern our lives. This year we would like to dedicate our contribution to UNESCO’s World Philosophy Day to the wisdom that can be found in many different artistic creations. After a brief introduction, 4 different speakers will offer their reflections on this topic in short presentations and during the break and after the event there will be buffet-style refreshments and time for philosophical conversation.
Monday, 13th November at 7:00PM